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released February 1, 2014

Made by Kim Il Du, Lee Chung Mok, and Steve C in Busan, Korea from September 2012 to November 2013.

Backing vocals on “Everybody’s Fucking” by Musung Son from Three Summer.

Recorded at Club Realize with Jinsu Bae and at Casey’s Home (Jeonpo-dong).

Photos by Kim Ildu, Lee Chung Mok, Steve C and Seunghoon Lee.

Mixed by Casey McKeever. Mastered by Ron Davis.

Thanks to our Busan brothers and sisters, the bands we play with, to cold grapes and warm bathrooms, and to our friends and family without whom we couldn’t do this.



all rights reserved


GENIUS Republic of Korea

GENIUS is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.

GENIUS is also three boys from Busan, South Korea.

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Track Name: Simple and Normal
I’m thinking it might not be normal
to go on living here so normally.
It seems impossible to live without going crazy.
To seem normal you show your shining eyes.
But in the end you break and lose your mind.
It feels like I just fell into their swamp.
So I already made my choice: "Just living day by day."
I long to be abnormal.
When someone asks what kind of life I want,
I say "A simple and normal one."
That’s my dream.
That’s my dream.
Track Name: 40 Hours
Everyday I should go work.
Everyday I should go work.
Only Sunday
I can stay home all day.
Everybody knows
one week 40 hours’ work,
but this God damn Christian boss.
I will say give me back
I will say give me back my cash
400 buxx.
Should I have patience?
Should I give thanks to God?
Keep one week 40 hours.
Keep one week 40 hours.
Just give me back my 400 buxx.
Today I don’t wanna work.
Let’s go. Black mountain. Green beach.
Track Name: Shit City
I see you. We see you.
You don’t see us but we’re right beneath you.
We hear you. We smell you.
This place is Hell but you’ve no idea.

Shit city

We see you. We hear you.
The click of heels and the smack of spit.
We clean you. We have to.
Until the day that you take our place.
Track Name: Catch a Job
Yeah, yeah. I’m OK ‘cause I have a love.
Call, run, kiss.
Yeah, yeah. I’m OK ‘cause I have a love.
I cannot save money. I don’t know when I’ll die.

Mother, do we have some sweet potatoes?
I’m so hungry.
I cannot be patient about it anymore.
My lovely boy, listen.
We don’t have any food.
If you wanna eat, catch a job.
If you wanna drink, catch a job.
If you wanna meet girls, catch a job.

No job, no truth in this fucking world.
Track Name: Change Girlfriend
I need money a lot.
I need money a lot.
I should go to a special restaurant.
Cause she loves turtle dick.
I need money a lot.
I need money a lot.
I should go to a big, big, big zoo.
Cause she loves elephant nose.
I need money a lot.
I need money a lot.
I should buy a water bed.
Cause she loves waves on the bed.
She loves waves on the bed.
I don’t need enough cash.
Change girlfriend.
Track Name: 2/3 Gay
Tell me no lies and I won’t take one step away
I’ll be right there for you I swear I’m 2/3 gay
Lie in my bed and you can say
what all those boys they did to you
It’s cool
It don’t turn me on at all
Some people say that I’m just pretending
but I swear I’m not I’ve never even thought
about the way you touch your face
when you’ve been drinking
or the way you say
that one day you’d say my name
No I’ve never even thought
about you when you’re sleeping
or the way you say
that one day you’d say
say my name
Track Name: Math Head
Math Head, don’t follow me home.
Math Head, please leave me alone.


I’m tired of school. Wanna go to bed.
Too many numbers inside my head.
Everywhere I look I see Math Head.
Math Head, I wish you were dead.

Math Head’s so small and cute.
He looks harmless in his blue foam suit.
His smile lures children to his school.
Now I know what I have to do.

Math Head, bang bang you’re dead.
Track Name: Everybody's Fucking Everyone
No need to tell anyone
Just trying to get some of what you got
You know I’ve seen her before

I never have any fun
Just trying to get some of what you got
You know I’ve seen her before
Everybody’s fucking everybody’s
fucking everybody’s fucking

I know your names
everybody’s catching it
I believe in everything I see
everyone is everything to me

I believe in everything
Track Name: Nice Man
Hey you, mudda fucker.
I hate you. Wanna kill you.
You should tell your families and friends.
About what?
About what?
About fuckin’ nice.
If you don’t wanna die,
you should kill me first.
I think you are a real son of evil.
You must leave, leave this earth.
I’m sick of selfish souls.
Why are you so nasty?
How did you learn?
How did you learn?
I’m really fuckin’ awesome.
I’m really fuckin’ awesome man.
Track Name: Lost Dick
I lost my dick I thought I’d never see it again
If you’ve found it could you tell me how it’s been?

Ain’t that some shit? Nobody’s crying over this
but when I met her I never felt better

Don’t get me wrong
I knew I couldn’t live like that for long
Had to love her that fucking summer

I lost my mind that summertime
If I could tell you what I’ve been through
Maybe you could keep your own
when you meet a girl
with a man at home
You can’t fuck them both

That fucking summer
I had to love her that fucking summer
Track Name: Crybaby
I was a young boy swimming in a
green sea of drinks and dirty women
when I saw you shining like a diamond
I said let’s get together and
you said, I think we’d better
Then you walked away

I’m not a dirty 바람둥이
You’re not so innocent goody goody
Let’s not pretend it wasn’t magic
I told her friend I think she’s fine
She said I think you’re kind
Of a creep
Then she walked away

I’ve never been one to complain
but can somebody tell me what the fuck
I mean really really really
why the fuck can’t you just change
what you are made of?
Then we might just fall in love
fall in fall in fall in
fall in love

Fall in love with me
Track Name: Tonight Online
I got the fever inside again. Why?
I don’t know why. You’re not even a friend.
I don’t know your face. It changes all the time.
But that won’t slow me down. I guess it’s do or die.
I’ll see you tonight online (I’m falling).

Grainy vision. My station’s off the air.
My eyes are dry. Can’t even cry. Though it stings to stare.
The sun is almost in the sky.
People are waking up and I just want to cry.
I’ve got to find you first.

I’ll see you tonight online.
I’ll curse myself tomorrow.
Track Name: Thanksgiving
On that Wednesday
I went to fucking goddamn somewhere
I met my lovely goddamn motherfuckers
She was there
She was there
She was cryin’ that night
Crying is a drinking performance
I didn't ask
Her fucking goddamn number
When I got home
I thought of her
Don't know why
Maybe I need her tears again
I don’t like this feeling
Is this feeling fucking goddamn love?

Actually, I need your love.